It’s biribiri!

| March 23rd, 2011


Biri2 LOL .. do you know in malay, biri-biri is actually sheep? XD

Oh well.. fully done in Ilustrator from lineart up to coloring. Everything is colored with gradient mesh tool. I think I’m getting a bit better XD Ahahaha … yeah right. And I lied a bit about everything.. the hair are just simple gradient :p

Well, in terms of time needed to complete it its pretty quick compared to the 1st one I made previously using gradient mesh.

Suffice to say, I don have the patience for linearting in Ilustrator.. Really, I hate its process.. As tedious gradient mesh is, I enjoy it more then doing the lineart in ilustrator.

I’m gonna try new inkscape version in my next one :o . Looks awesome and while a tedious workaround process, its possible to achieve gradient mesh effect as well in it. And the gradient tool in inkscape is far better behaved then is ilustrator counterpart.

freezingly HOT~

| March 10th, 2011


Gradient mesh tool is so powerful.. yet frustratingly hard ;_; .. But the end result worth all the time sitting in front the monitor looking at youtube tutorial instead of oogling Haruka Tomatsu’s  legs x_X (which is totally hot btw :D )

Its a pain learning process but I think is pretty worth learning it. The basic gradient tool tho, is probably one of the stupidest implementation ever, even Inkscape’s gradient tool is so much better. (This is based on Ilustrator CS3 btw, not the current CS5 version)

On to the fanart itself, its Bridget Satellizer of freezing anime btw. Such beauty in really really gory title (good manga btw, give it a spin if you like manga – or manwha) Its author is Korean btw. I’ve cut the bottom portion btw if you happened to see the original lineart, they was driving me insane with the intricate design. Shouldnt be too mashocist next time when learning new thing. Lesson learned and remembered .. until I need to learn new things as usual.

Rio <3

| February 3rd, 2011


Another trace… o_O

She’s Rio, a game character turned anime.  The anime ticked all the checkbox for me:  brainless ecchi, Rio voiced by none other then Marina Inoue, also includes Ayanyan in the casting list .. yet I didnt watch it yet :D

Case of changed perspective, maybe .. Only time will tell =_=

Is it freezing or is it hot?

| January 25th, 2011


Well finally done.. took it 3 episodes before its finished lol, well.. 2 episodes.. since I started after the 1st episode and currently the latest is ep 3.. or is it 4.. havent watch the rest of the episode yet since that first episode :p

This is the untouchable Queen Bridget Satellizer from the manwha/anime Freezing btw.. a tsundere with meganekko .. Oh how I wished to do more then just touching her >=)

Happy Birhday RieRie <3

| December 29th, 2010


Which happens to fall on the 3rd of January .. She’ll be 31 y-o but damn, she so freaking damn hot for a 31 y-o./is totally in love with Rie.. I think, apart from Monica Belucci, she was the only 3D woman that I totally falls heads over shoulder for .. except for Mrs KiNA .. but thats a different story for another day :D

Took a long time to do this, didnt planned for the lacus conversion in the first place, but then I screwed up her hands and need o cover it up.. Not too satisfied with her face either, but >.<, I do like how her lips turns out tho


| December 10th, 2010


Only 5.. Have to exclude a lot :(


  • Kaede Fuyou of Shuffle
  • Yoko of TTGL
  • Lacus Clyne of GS
  • Suigintou of RM
  • Fate “Mama” Testarossa of MLGN
  • Horo of S&W
  • CC of CG
  • Rider of FSN
  • Tamaki Kousaka of TH2
  • Inner Moka of R+V
  • Yui Kotegawa

Woah.. long list ROFL.

Anyway, learned a lot of new things .. about SAI, about drawing, and I never realized I had so much 2D waifu *imagining Tsukiumi face now* :D

The eyes are a pain.. I wanted them to have as close as possible to their original drawing without looking so weird when close to each other, so I only kept their original eyes.. Shoji Satoh does indeed have unique style to replicate.

I’m sure all 5 of them dont have to be introduced. Haruka do feel a bit out of place being the only normal girl in there :D ; 1 normal gal, 3 fighters and 1 singer. I think they do fine in my harem palace :D

Why I did this in the first place, because I got teased daily for having this


as wallpaper.  ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ So this is sort of revenge ..  5 WIVES!


Merry X-Mas from Sheryl~

| December 8th, 2010


Merry Chritsmas to everyone celebrating it from me and Sheryl <3

Happy Birthday Sheryl!

| November 23rd, 2010


Happy birthday to Sheryl, the Galactic Fairy! How old? Its ungentleman to ask a lady her age! Didnt your mummy thought you that!

Crappy handwriting due to its being done with a mouse, but hey, its the thought that counts I tell ya!

speed tracing

| November 21st, 2010


4 hours total time from start to finish.. by the end of the marathon, I start slacking a bit, see if anyone can guess which part I did last XD

Original was 640 x 360 px, but its pretty clean picture to trace, so not much have to be added anyway.

And for those that know me enough, yea, dont you guys dare to ask why I picked this picture to vector >.>

hey.. its tsukiumi tiem again

| November 19th, 2010


I dont really care about peoples getting bored about me keeps drawing her again and again. There’s simply not enough her fanart on pixiv and I am that crazy about her :D

So yea .. Have another Tsukiumi <3 .. inher official black bikini *bloodlost*.. I think I’m pretty set with my coloring technique.

And I think I’m gonna try and learn how to make better BG using SAI :D